Maritime Strategy & Operations Advice

The global maritime market is a risky, and complex environment with ever changing market conditions, policies, technologies, human elements, and regulatory frameworks.

I provide big picture market insights to assist companies becoming future-ready. I help people, public and private companies to identify, develop and implement strategic "safer + greener + smarter"  initiatives, drawing on 3 decades of maritime industry experience.

I have gained hands-on experience from risk and its consequences found in operations, technology, marine insurance, maritime law, shipping & logistics business administration claims.


I provide strategic risk advices for maritime: operations, tech, law, shipping & logistics structures and trends. I assist stake and community holders, regulators, investors, boards and top-management in their decision making and leadership processes. 

I contribute the most value by combining my practical hands-on maritime experience gained in technical, law, insurance, and operational domains to assist swiftly and cost effectively  in safety, security and commercial decision-making processes to manage present and future business cases, risk and its consequences.